Success Story

Evading of Trafficking

Lay Kanhamonika called Phanha, 17 Age; she has 4 siblings in her families, a sister and 3 brothers. She lives in Trorping chhok villages, Tring kork Commune Tring kork District and Takoe province. She studied 10 grades. Her mothers need only money and never take care to her and her father drank everyday. Along with violated of families and her. Her brother works in Thai countries and transferred money to parent every month and then the last month he transfer 1.500 Bart. After she drawled it. When she cams back; her parent said that money is 20,000$ not 1.500 Bart and asked her. Where dose her money for? And fought her. Not long ago her parent had serious argument until they got divorce and she lived with her mother. She was treated by her mother. Before she got away from her mother but her don’t know about leaving pahna’s.

After her mother found her and said that if seen Pahna and sale her to brothel, Last time her mother sold her to a policeman and he take her to guest house, house for sexual, But when to arrived she supplicated and lobbies until he agreed with her. Not sexual intercourse with her and he provided considering and paid money 10$ to her and she telling her Mother that, He was sexual with her already. He left from her and her mother. After that her mother forced to marries. But the wedding’s was swindled money by her mother. By shyest so she left the house and went to Svay Sesophon Batteay Meanchey province for awhile. Her mother knew about her and tried makes a trick by had a man called to tell her that, Mother got seriously illness and she want Pahna to back home. When she arrived at home her mother is laid to her and blocked in the house and tried to sale her to brothel again. During she was blocked, her brother who was blind helped her and tells her go away and then she went to worked a restaurant (Phras Chanpehnvng restaurant) in Prek leap is EW. And she was hidden from entertainment owner and prevented her not to fund from her mother.

SIT counseled, motivated and thanked to her. Every months SIT always provided education to her place’s work and she also joint to get knowledge from SIT’s staffs. And now she was encouraged to peer education in SIT organization. SIT’s staffs urged her after she got the knowledge from us, please continue to educate to her friends who works with her in order to all her friends got the knowledge the same her and change experiences from each other.

Success Story

Persisting Entertainment Worker

Sok Chann is a woman. She’s 26 years old. She worked beer promotion girls at phnom penh that CWPD organization covereal. Before she not yet works at CWPD organization, She don’t know about HIV/ AIDS and STI and especially her health problem and during she had been working she also work as volunteer at CWPD. So that time makes her knew clearly about STI and AIDS. Which serious stand in Cambodia nowadays in 2006 she stopped work as beer promotion.

She was encouraged by CWPD promotes to work as PF in order to educate toward EWs who her friend. She provided education to target group and target area in Restaurant, Quest house, Hotel, Beer garden. After that she worked in restaurant like in the past where her place of work located in Prek Leap where our SIT organization covered target area and in 2007.  She was encouraged by CWPD promotes to work as PF in order to educate toward EWs who her friend.and she had opportunity got a lot of knowledge from SIT. She even took her knowledge related to health problem and prevention STI and AIDS and her experience delivered to our target area. By staff of SIT saw her advantage coincide with SIT announcement she applied in order to try interview to know her capacity.

She was interviewed by SIT and after that she became a staff that positions an IPC. She became a staff in SIT organization make her life was changed every body get knew her ability no one looked down on her and especially her family life’s get better.

Success Story

Reducing Stigma and Description

Miss Chreb 17, nowadays she worked as waiter in a restaurant Located Prek Leap Commune Ressey keo District Phnom Penh. Her livid condition has 4siblings, 3 boys and a girl. She was second child in her family. Her place of birth Kampong Cham Province. When her parents died by HIV/AIDs, she and her brothers came to live with her aunt in Kampong Cham Province. Her aunts know about her parents died Effected by AIDs. They were taken to test HIV/AIDs from her parent.

The problem issue living condition very difficult, so she decided to go to Phnom Penh to look for a job. She got opportunity met Restaurant owner who know her aunt and allowed her worked there, and she was pitied by the Restaurant owner and her friends very much. And she was helped by them in order to find health service’s place, and nowadays she got ARV. But what the problem for her was discriminated by her friend who worded with her and they dare not near her.

Last time she had Stigma from Friends within work place when they knew her transmitted effect by HIV. They don’t want being good relationship with her some time she was spoken at her back and then they don’t to eat meal with her. When they are discussing about HIV/AIDs all the time.  They used the dissufficiency word to her without understood on her feeling.

This activity SIT understood and SIT staff provided education to them in their work place. In objective provided education on her. SIT increase method educate in restaurant and was allowed by her entertainment owner and called every bodies came around in order to educate them to know about HIV/AIDs and stigma discrimination of AIDs, those activity explained them to understand about stigma and discrimination within people living with HIV/AIDs. The result of our activities showed that her friends good understanding about HIV/AIDs and pity on her very much. Especially urged her to take medicine against HIV/AIDs (ART) on time. And explained her to take her health care and her bed, because she still young not knows about hygiene.

Conclusion showed that our education to Chreb work place got good result. Such as the people who works with her changed behavior from discriminate to paid attention to her. So these mean every body who work there good understood about HIV/AIDs.

Nowadays she Braveries and then she showed that she Transmitted effect by AIDs from her Parents.

Success Story

Stakeholder Meeting

SIT organized meeting half day, this meeting organized at Prekleap commune in the goal in order to increase collaboration between entertainment owners with SIT.

-Release the activities what SIT completed.

– Got the new policy was added by the plane of health ministry refer to HIV/AIDs program of Phnom Penh health department.

– What SIT’s done in order to allow entertainment worker have opportunity get other information and health service .was allowed by entertainment owners.

– In order to improve collaborate between SIT with authority, commune, village and police .better in order to continue to complete activities of SIT.

Improve collaborate between SIT with entertainment owner in prek leap .even though SIT has honestly to participate from health departure 05persons .This is the first time for SIT by Dr Morm Sophal brought   in the topic STI  to show in the meeting with stakeholders this time. In the goal of Dr Morm Sophal is HIV program in health department in Phnom Penh. He brought this topic to release this meeting for entertainment owner and authority knew about STI and  urge them educate continue to their staff.and give the way to entertainment owner give opportunity to their staff go to see the doctor every month.Affer Dr Morm Sophal finish his topic Mr KHENG VANNETH program coordinator for SIT,He brought the topic discrimination and look down on EWs who participants 51persons, such as post prek leap police officer 01,village chiefs 02,authourities 02,entertainment owner 31,PF 04,SIT’s staff 06,and be honesty from ministry of health 05,who to joint the SIT’s stakeholder meeting. in the past he never joint but this time he give honest with SIT organization during the stakeholders meeting Dr. Morm SOphal is HIV program in health department is a facilitator on topic STI.

Success Story

International Women day celebrate

SIT was organized International Women Day on 05, March, 2008 in target area. SIT is afraid to EWs could join in this event or not because this is the first time for SIT organized forum in Phnom Penh. SIT good cooperation with authority and other organization in target area and the participants joined over the plan. This event celebrated with the subject “Woman is first toward to prevention HIV/AIDS transmission ¨ under the presidency of Excellency Kung Som On is a representation of Ministry of Women affair. In the final of event had questioned and answer to EWs with 50 awards for EWs were answering correctly. The question focus on the human right, HIV/AIDs prevention, reduce stigma and related the Women day.

Success Story

Annual Gathering day

Annual gathering day that held on May 1st 2008 at Boung Yaklom restaurant. There were 161 attendees including establishment owners, EWs and their sweetheart. The gathering day gave a great opportunity to participants eating together, talking, discussing on health and daily practices related to HIV/AIDS, STIs, reproductive health and stigma discrimination in their community.   The participants also learned a lot from the quest speakers who encouraged all participants to access VCCT and STI services for their personal well being. Additionally, Excellency showed his interest in this event, further lending it legitimacy is the eyes of the community.

SIT Presentation 021209Case Study to funding Body Pact Cambodia

Success Story

Quiz Show Program

In Entertainments Establish

Because well cooperation lf stakeholder made this new action got success and included the jouning lf client who come to restaurants, beer promoters and also the staff who work in that restaurants. Moreover our organization had action when the restaurants had a lot of client. our objective had this action because we want the client to know about SIT’s organization objective and wanted them to know clearly about the problem of HIV/AID and STI, It made them change their attitude from don’t use the condom to use condom, If they find the service out of their house and our organization had action on 6 restaurants during 3 months and total people who take part:

Success Story

Commune Forum Awareness

on the 23rd October 2008, SIT organization forum commune in Beng Bopha chase restaurant under the topic: We are shaking hand to eliminate increasing HIV/AIDs.In the goal of SIT celebrate this forum commune that time because we want to announce to entertainment worker and entertainment owner, People, teacher, student, Police, Authorities, and local organization know about prevention increasing on HIV/AIDs in Preak Leap commune, Ressey Keo district, Phome Penh.

Who the participants Dr Morm Sophal program manager of HIV/AIDs health department Phom penh .under topic: strategies of department on prevention increasing HIV/AIDs.

Drs Sam Eng HIV/AIDs Senior Program Officer Pact/Cambodia. Under topic partnership and stand on helping entertainment workers.

Mrs Chheang Phannavy Member of Prekleap Commune. Under topic collaborating in the area between entertainment owners Organization and authority.

Mr Chun Roeurn SIT director released success story what SIT got. This program have 243 participants jointed , EWs and Entertainment owners 112 persons , Village chief and General village chief 06 persons , student 40 persons , 02 polices, PSF Organization  01 person , 01 teacher .

Our plane for participants, 250 persons but on the day we celebrated had 243 participants because of the day we celebrate was raining in the morning. At the end of the program participants asked the speakers many questions.


Come along to join a fundraiser for kids affected by HIV/AIDS in Cambodia.

Its a BIG clothes swap day, so bring all your pre-loved clothes and swap them with others. $15 for the day will entitle you to swap all your clothes and a chance to win great lucky door prizes. HEAPS of extra prizes and raffles being drawn throughout the afternoon. Families welcome, there’s something for everyone!

All money raised goes DIRECTLY to Save Incapacity Teenagers organisation where I worked in 2006. Its costs just $15 to send a child to school for the year, proving a little bit goes along way.

Absolutely everyone welcome, so bring friends, friends of friends and anyone that wants to help others while helping themselves!!

Here is a link to the facebook event for more info

who are we?

Save Incapacity Teenager (SIT) is an independent local non-profit, non-partisan, non-government organization, which does not discriminated based on race, nationality, gender or religion. It was founded on 25 November 1998 and was registered by the Cambodian Ministry of Interior No 625 on 03 August 1999.
SIT was founded by students, former teachers and community workers with experience working with street children and children in difficult situations.

SITs vision is Aspiring to a Cambodia where teenagers, youth and their families, who are poor and vulnerable, live in harmony, peace and to improve their quality life.

SIT works for the development of Cambodian teenagers, youths, and their families who are poor and vulnerable, to improve their capacities, health and well being.